Actor stigmatized for being HIV+ possibly costing his mums life.

Seriously 😠😠😠😠😠😠



Obi Madubogwu  was stigmatized, rejected and abandoned,  by friends family and close ones. He recounts his story with so much pain you’d actually feel like someone obliterated him from the map of the world while be was still alive.

The fact is people still have a whole journey in the path of education about HIV/AIDS especially in Africa but isn’t that just the tip of the iceberg? What about sensitive information and how to manage that? How do you go to someone’s mother and annonce such debilitating news – what is the logic?

Hear his story below and make your mind up. As for #purfectescape we are no party to stigmatisers.

I felt it all. Aside from the journalist who published the story that I was HIV positive, what about the several clusters of people who gathered to talk about me only to stop when I come around? What about the close friends who won’t shake my hands or even have any physical closeness with me? They would throw their greetings as if they were being forced to say hello to me. I also recall a pastor who told me point blank that I had HIV. It was about this time that I stopped featuring in films. My image had gone so down.”

My mother didn’t take the shock lightly when she was told i was down with HIV/AIDS “A childhood friend who heard the story had traced me to the village to ask why my mum and family would keep my illness from him to the extent that I had been dumped in one room to die in the village. But I was in Lagos. My mum had fainted on hearing that story. She had been managing Diabetes herself for years. I believe that my health issue must have contributed to her death at 89 years.”


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  1. Salome Bee says:

    Why will you tell people about your condition anyway? Simply because American celebs like Magic Johnson and Charlie Sheen revealed it, doesn’t mean that you should too. #Justsaying


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