\ˌmas-tər-ˈbā-shən\ a sin or not ?

masturbation article

…Shuuuuuuusssssshhhhhh – whisper your way around and try not to be offended because this is just the tip of the iceberg. This topic is as big as the iceberg that brought down the titanic  – and sank it !!

As a Christian I grew up knowing that Maturbatxxx is an ultimate no no – it was one of those crimes as bad as sexual promiscuity or killing. How dare you put your hands on yourself, what will you even think or do and how did you even or dare know what to do with your hands?

Then time went by and things happened and marriage came along with a first pregnancy – my first instinct was to do all the right things to make sure I had a safe delivery so I registered for antenatal yoga and guess what – the first class on that day was about

  • AND MORE MASTURBATION and body stimulation methods that could ease your pregnancy woes and send you into quick labour.

I left the class utterly perplexed at my new fountain of knowledge but with a huge guilt that made me ask the question over and over

  • Is MASTURBATION a sin or not?

When I stumbled upon an article addressing the same subject in the blogling BELLA_NIAJA I knew a day will not go by without me gathering grounds on the issue, which as a Christian remains a taboo but a daily, hourly meaningless occurrence in the culture we find ourselves (and even in Africa – though many people will rather not talk about the big horny Cockrell in the room)

AN EXCERP from the article below is verified in medical parlance;

The most common reasons adults give for masturbating are:

  1. To relieve sexual tension
  2. Achieve sexual pleasure
  3. To achieve sexual pleasure when partners are unavailable
  4. As a  way to learn your pleasure spots, so you can tell your partner what works for you
  5. Many people think masturbation only occurs when a person does not have a sex partner. In fact, people who have regular sex partners masturbate a lot, regardless of if their partner satisfies them sexually or not.

Most times, we associate masturbation with conscious efforts and actions. What happens when you are sleeping/dreaming and having an intense sexual experience; you start criss-crossing your legs in your sleep, then you get the big O! When I was pregnant, I had so many dream-induced orgasms (and no, I don’t have a spirit husband *side-eye*). So am I supposed to wake up and start asking for forgiveness?

FACT – we all as adults get those moments when something drives that energy way high and you have to act or act (there is no way out) – even thongs(String panties) don’t do some women any good !! so guys cast your votes below and leave any pointers to shed some light on the bottle neck !!

(and don’t tell anyone about this article –  😆  😆  😳 )




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