A bitter engagement

Innie minie minie moh…

He whispered as he trailed his hands across her belly button and all the way down her love handles… She stood still and made herself focus for a moment… Feeling him there was like accepting the betrayal her senses had packaged so glamorously and tastily and was selling to her. Why on earth did this matter… What will she tell Patrick? She had a beautiful relationship but her weakness for Lloyd made it difficult to accept how great Patrick was, she kept finding minimal flaws to use as a justification for her growing affection of Lloyd

They had been apart for over 9 years. Pretty much since high school and how could she have been able to tell that Lloyd will end up in the same country as her and boyfriend Patrick .. Worse of all how could they be friends and lived in the same flat with Patrick.. Their meeting a was shock to both of them. She wasn’t sure how long it took for her to speak or find the courage to speak her mind to him but she was lucky Patrick had no idea that she knew Lloyd way before him, that Lloyd was her ex, an Ex who never really or truly said goodbye … And here she was knowing him again and again.

She felt her clock was sort of ticking and that she needed to reserve a man for herself… Whether she loved him a 100% or not she just wanted to make sure that she had a man in her life.

Lloyd brought her back to reality with his tongue circling the piercing on her belly button… And in the background she heard Keisha Cole singing “weakness in me..” yes Lloyd was the weakness in her… He was that point where she was broken, she was ashamed and embarrassed yet she felt very powerful, sexy and appealing. There was something about how vocal Lloyd was, he was cheesy and very needy.. He wanted her like no other man ever did, and for all the years she had spent with him she had never known this side of him… She had fallen all over him again and needed to have some reassurance. He hadn’t said much about what happened after they cleaved – he mentioned a girl but that was it, the moment he played eyes on her even though she was holding Patricks hand – Lloyd had grabbed her hand and just felt it like Patrick wasn’t present – Patrick never made a fuss , he was so un-jealous.

The fact that both of them were cheating on Patrick a few months into meeting each other, as a friend and as a lover was already bad… But how much more disaster could happen? So she pushed him away and straightened her clothes, and spoke without eye contact
“Lloyd behave yourself please… Patrick will be here anytime soon and we both know what the outcome will be…

Lloyd didn’t seem pleased so he move back in on the embrace. Breathing on her throat, then her chest and the cleavage of her blouse… He knew this wasn’t a good place to put her in, he mumbled his words and he knew she’d felt ticklish if he talk-kissed her bare skin… Then he blew raspberries, purred and pressed himself further into her space…

She pushed back and continued… “No Lloyd be serious for a while. We cannot do this- I love Patrick… And I love u too… What do I do… This is intense… I have not been able to sleep a wink since you and me last hooked up. What do I do now… What do you want us to do with this ‘thing’ going on between us… It’s killing me Lloyd.. I cannot stare at Patrick in his face because I feel a certain kind of guilt no human should live with..

Lloyd was good at ignoring and cutting through dense situation with his look… That sleepy sexy eyes he did when he wanted her to feel defeated… He walked up to Lola and held her hands looking her straight into her face he said without twisting his words

“Lola Patrick isn’t my brother… We are just friends… If I have to move out of town to be with you I will do… I have lost you once and God so kind I found you again… Who dare say I was leaving you again… Never… Never Lola I will fight… I will fight for you with every ounce of my blood.

Lola felt glad to hear that reassurance but it was very misplaced because she couldn’t bank on it… But she just needed it and she was glad he could provide it… In a split second she could feel the cold leather of the couch on her bare back and all else didn’t matter… Even if Patrick had walked through the door… Only that moment on the couch mattered more…

Keisha was fading in the background at the peak of her ‘Weakness in me verse – ‘make me lie when i don’t want to, and make someone else some kind of unknowing fool” and the last words faded in her ecstasy on Patrick’s couch as they both whimpered and whizzed – Lloyd asked for more and more !

Three days later Patrick rang her phone and he sounded really down.

“Hey baby – I really miss having you around, is it possible for you to stop by after work today, I’m not feeling great so am off work till Monday.

That sounded to her like a man who needed much pampering so she gave him her word that she will be there a lot later than planned, she needed to stop by her place and get her stuff so she could spend the weekend with him. Going over to his place had become a very painfully exciting and anticipated act… She was using one stone to shoot two birds… She had Patrick on one hand sneaking in and out of the kitchen to whisper sweet nothings to her and she had Lloyd who watched from a distance and texted his jealous rage every second to make her aware he was at home, locked in his room or just left the house to spare himself the heart ache of seeing her in Patrick’s embrace.

She knew if the worse had to happen she wanted to be with Patrick… He was her lover her friend and her man… She could not sever the link or bond tying her to Lloyd, she hated how much she was attracted to him.. But she was Lola and if there is anything that put a dent in her reputation was the fact that she could never tell when to stop.

She got to Patrick’s house an hour later than she had predicted… As the front door open, she was greeted by Lloyd who excused himself politely saying her was rushing to catch a friend in the city and would join them for dinner later… Five minutes after Lloyd left her phone went off and she saw the message alert light greeting her… She knew it was him and knew what he wanted to say but she ignored it.. She wanted to give Patrick her full attention and make him feel she was doing everything possible to make him feel better.

Dinner was cooked in a haste and food was on the table inefficient speed, she was trying to avoid dinner with Lloyd… She went back inside to wake Patrick and met him virtual hyperventilating. He was sweating and his body was so hot…she helped him out of his t-shirt and rushed to the bathroom to get a fresh towel and a bucket of water for cold compress – presumably this is a fever she thought but had no way of knowing beyond that.

As he lay there in bed she gentle dipped the towel into the bucket of cold water and wiped his chest and his forehead.. She looked at him with worry- she had never seen him sick or shaken by anything this badly… He had lost some visible amount of pounds/weight and his lips were charred. She kissed him as much as she could but he wouldn’t let her get intimate.

She carried on cooling him down until he spoke

“Lola you know I love you right… I have never wanted any woman in my life as much as I want you. Every time I lay my eyes on you my heart is at ease- at ease that you are mine and that I am yours…

Lola got all teary… “Patrick I know, let’s talk about us when you feel better let’s not do it now OK.. You know how much you mean to me and you know I love you…

OH you do??? How much do you love me Lola tell me… I need to know.. I want to hear you say it..

In Lola’s head all this was very inconsequential, she needed him to heal and recuperate.

Patrick asked Lola again.. Tell me what you feel tell me Lola I need to hear…

She realized he didn’t want to hear “I love you” which she casually ventured in her sleep. He wanted more and needed more. But the wedge between them could not permit her voice her emotions to that extent. She tried… She forced her brain to think but she has a complete black out… All she should see was Lloyds face and when she looked back at Patrick her heart sank.. She had betrayed him to the pint of no return… She took his hand in her palm but he hesitated… He sat upright and opened the side drawer… And took out a box… Lola was watching him bewildered.

He opened the box with shaky hands and his frailty was very eminent when the box almost dropped… Lola couldn’t help because Patrick did not encourage her. To her surprise he unveiled another tiny box and Lola’s heart sank, skipped, missed a bit, she knew what it was… It was a ring… Now she was now trembling…her heart heavy with pain and love… She needed a place to vent her frustration.. She wanted to run outside yet another heart wanted the ring so badly she sat there aghast!!!

Patrick took her hand in his… Placed the ring in her finger and looked at her, his eyes were moist and his tears were instant but so manly… He was grinding his teeth and his tension was visible… He looked at her and said… This is all I have ever wanted

Lola put her hand on his chest… The contrast of her chocolate brown skin and his light brown skin made the ring glimmer on his left breastbone… She loved it… She loved him.. She sat up to kiss him when he paused for a moment and said pass me the remote control… There is something I need to show you.. Her excitement made his description useless… She wasn’t listening she just wanted to pounce on him and make him feel the love from the heat of her body – from the limitations of her mouth, her body would do a better thank you than what her mouth failed to do… She sat facing him.. Planting kisses on his face and his neck while he fidgeted with the remote control, pointing it to the TV and trying to get it to work…

Suddenly Keisha Cole’s voice came on TV and she thought to herself it was the song he had chosen for the mood… But the more she listened she realised Keisha wasn’t singing alone… There was a muffled sound of passion in the background as if someone was in a romantic mood and her own voice caught her off guard… She couldn’t see with the back of her head but she could hear herself moaning and calling Lloyd… She could hear her giggles and she could hear him going like he did…and cajoling her for ‘more freaky frisky’… She heard a déjà vu…

No this couldn’t be happening it was all in her head… She turned around to find herself watching a movie of her and Lloyd on Patrick’s sofa two days ago…

Patrick was staring at her tears rolling down his face… And he managed through the thickest most painful voice to ask her “Lola why” she slid from the bed, off Patrick and onto the floor… Her whole body was experience and earthquake… She was shaking, trembling and her soul was literally trying to leave her body… Patrick asked again “Lola why… Why Lloyd… He has a wife a child in Paris, he is married … He lives in my house, he is my friend he is like a brother… He is our friend…Lola why?

On the floor she prayed so hard that the cement will open and swallow her up right there and then. Because there was no reason why… Even If there was a reason, Lloyd had used her joker against her, he was married with a kid he never mentioned… He had led her to believe she is all that mattered and she can always count on him to be there for her through think and thin… This was a think and thin situation and she was on the floor broken… She had ruined her life, she was Cursed!!

Llyod was in a pub down the city centre rubbing his nose all over Natasha’s ears and boobs and any place possible she’d let him. He was a womaniser of the ordained men’s heaven.



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  1. Fashion Blogger for THJ 12th May 2015 at 2:03 am

    WOW!!! I have to say…I was very happy that Lola got what she deserved!!! As for Lloyd…you have to write up his punishment!! He cant go free hahahahaha but I loved it!!!

  2. Nancy 12th May 2015 at 9:41 am

    Nice one….serves her right. Girls never learn hey!!

  3. Lee 13th May 2015 at 2:59 am

    I loveeeee it. I would love to see Lloyd’s punishment but sadly the world we live in, Lola might be the only one getting punished.

  4. I Rep Camer 16th October 2015 at 11:07 am

    Chaiiii #DoroBoss..you will not kill me today..Damn!! .You can’t have your cake and eat it. I can’t wait for more.

    1. DorothyDiamond 17th October 2015 at 12:27 am

      Never _ only men like Lloyd can have their cake eat it , vomit it and eat it again. iiiishhhhhhh

  5. AB 16th October 2015 at 3:27 pm

    I hate men like Lloyd!!! Taking advantage of Lola’s soft spot….yishhhhhh…. poor Patrick! I dare not say poor Lola, she let herself fall for an every-day-tale men like Lloyd use.

    1. DorothyDiamond 17th October 2015 at 12:25 am

      And they are so out there it’s not even funny…it’s shocking how women easily fall prey over and over again

  6. Elizabeth Eta 19th October 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Ok…this one is reality check. The ex-temptation is real and it is even more real if the ex was your first (first-ex temptation) or if you never said goodbye due to distance (the affair that never ended). It usually starts with a suppose innocent hello on what ever media and before you know you are reconnecting on another level. STAY AWAY OH. I don’t envy Lola’s position right now. Poor Patrick. As for Lloyd, thunder fire you…

  7. Therese 7th April 2016 at 8:19 am

    Chaiii, Lloyd wuside u comot noh. As for you Lola, I wouldn’t want to be you even for a mini second. Wahala deyyyyy. Doro we have to find a punishment for this player oh.

    1. DorothyDiamond 8th April 2016 at 12:54 am

      seriously – we need to punish men like Lloyd hahahahhahah


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