A beautiful soul, an astounding actress and a photographic legend in-tune to rock the Cameroon music industry!

If we were all standing in a room tiers of seats and a plethora of colorful lights, plus some sort of asymmetry in arrangements and aesthetics I would have called you all up on your feet for a standing ovation for the three characters involved here_ let’s just say pure talent almost combustible!!

La Reine Nefertiti a.K.a Anoma Abuuh Rose Meg hails from the north-west province with a genuine love and passion for music from a very tender age, her creativity took and early sprout and pretty much only got better with time, stack that up against a beautiful, humble stunning actress in the person of Phildella Yve as the lead character and one of Cameroons finest photographer Penjo Baba, you need to hold onto your seats for what the production and delivery of their collaboration will bring to you in the video production 0f WHY DO I CRY!!

Anoma Abuuh Rose Meg in her university days was part of many girl groups notably EMOTIONLESS GIRLS and LIL SHORTIES where she adopted the name ROSYCHICKS performing songs from artists such as Missy Elliot ..Eve…and many others of which I’ll ecstatically & nostalgically reminisce that I spent those coveted years with her on stage at University of Buea doing what we do best – DANCE DANCE DANCE !.

In 2006 Abuuh decided to pursue her music career, she moved to Nigeria and began work on her first album TEARS and LAUGHTER…which was a depiction of her personal life experiences …there she worked with famous producers such as SOSO BEAT…JESSY BROWN ..CHARLIE CHAPLAIN and TOY TUNES…She made a move to Germany in 2008 where she revamped some songs on the album by working with producers such as SETH DARKOH…MP…JOSEPH ODOGWU…RANSOMART…

The album which was a mix of afro beat..Malissa..high life..soul and RnB finally released in 2010 in Berlin Germany with subsequent subtle  promo in Cameroon…

In 2013 blessings of little paters & parental obligations meant Music was put on a hiatus but that quickly turned to a blessing in disguise with a chance encounter with Apophis, a Cameroonian rapper with whom she ended up collaborating with followed by the birth of AFRIKAN LOGIK,  a humanitarian and revolutionary group singing about the plight of the African society and humanity as a whole.

Wonder where the name LA REINE NEFERTITI came from? well because her views changed about society as she adopted Egyptology as her inspiration…she became a gospel/ humanitarian singer and released her first single WHY DO I CRY as a way of rejoicing after all the hurdles she went through…these thoughts can be felt in the song, which as we speak is in production in Cameroon …

Let’s just anticipate !! We barely can keep our weather eyes off the clouds as we wait to bask in the glory of this tune.

A fantastic inspiration you are LA REINE NEFERTITI


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  1. Mammypi 20th July 2016 at 11:28 am

    Doroboss! Only you can get my attention glued to the screen reading a piece as if I was complating what shoes to add to my online basket. It will be a pleasure to see Rosychicks bounce back in style


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