A Selfie A Day Challenge

Sharing Love don’t cost a thing – A selfie a Day was a way of empowering and sharing a good uplifting laugh with women .

The challenges of everyday life can carry an emotionally draining impact on a persons’ mood and persona and could lead to potential health concerns – whereas the moment you make a decision to have your makeup and pose for a selfie a lot of the burden and worry is pushed to the back of your mind and you become your priority. 

For every second that you are your priority – you realise how much you need to focus on yourself and help yourself with aspects of your life that need retouching, celebrating and reaffirming, a plethora of emotions that could potentially damage the belief in one’s self like;

  •  Career
  • Love Life
  • Personal Life
  • Family
  • God
  • Children
  • Aspirations
  • Expectations
  • Pain
  • Loss
  • Joy
  • Frustration

Thanks to these fabulous ladies we had a week of amazing fun and laughter taking all sorts of selfies and motivating each other through what could only be termed and emotionally draining week.

much love from Purfect Escape to you all – you rock!!!!



A girl takes to Facebook to out a pastor for sexual harassment – the comments, shocking! Read

Honey Phoenix  wrote:

In 2013 my mum told me I needed deliverance because I refused to act like a “christian” she took me to a pastor of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) he said I will do a retreat with him for one month so i went back home to pack my stuff.

This man would always enter my room without knocking. His hands would linger around my breasts when he hugs me…I was uncomfortable but i tried to bring my “mind out of the gutter”.

We used to have night prayers and he would prolong the prayers till his heavily pregnant wife got tired and he’l encourage her to go to bed and rest…once she leaves he starts to tell me how much he loves me and how I don’t need deliverance because there is nothing wrong with me,and how i am a nice girl who her parents misunderstood.

I was not all that surprised and i tried to take advantage of the situation. I would miss prayers or evening service because i knew he wont do anything about it.

But then his wife started to notice that i had too much freedom.and what surprised me was that he did not seem to care…he would try to kiss me when his wife was just one room away…he would wink at me when her back was turned…he would hold my hand at the back seat of the car when we are returning from night vigil. He was like a lovestruck teenager.

I began to avoid him and it made him more desperate…one time he asked if i was avoiding him and I made him know i did not like what he was doing and he told me if i want his P.A could arrange for us to have a quiet time somewhere.

I had to tell the Assistant pastor all that was going on. I still recall the tears and the look of unbelief on his face that night. The assistant did nothing about it…but advised me to pack my stuff and leave before things get out of hand. But I couldn’t leave because the “retreat” was not over.

One night at the night vigil at OFM headquarters in Auchi i went to confide in a friend…and my father’s driver overhead everything and he told my dad once we returned to Abuja.

The sad part about it all was that my parents called the pastor and his wife to ask them…instead of me. And they heaped it all on me. They said i have been misbehaving because I am tired of the “retreat” and i sleep during prayers, I don’t go to the evening services and i have come up with accusations because i want to go.

The good thing was that I moved back home.

Till today I wonder what sort of brains the pastor’s wife had in her head.

Comment 1

My cousin is encountering similar situation. This is a serious issue! A certain prayer warrior that her mum always bring to the house because the girl is “possessed” . It’s a very sad story. It hurts me everyday.

Comment 2
I came to check your page out, and honestly it’s obvious your parents were right, going through your photos you indeed needed a deliverance. How true your story is I can’t tell, but I have definitely seen more crazier folks than you are making up stories. So I dare not believe until we hear the side of the alleged pastor.

Comment 3
In as much as i try to believe your story…. I seriously can’t cos there’s always three sides of every story. Your story.. The pastor’s story and the real truth. My dear you just told us your own side of the story. We have to wait for the pastors side then the side of the real truth.. Sorry i doubt your story




Mahdi APOPHIS A.K.A Bioumla Eric Faustin believes that in Cameroon socially speaking, minorities/downtrodden are disqualified as not important in many areas of life and left  for death – a state of his country he decried and ended up fleeing abroad to seek better and greener pastures.

He settled in Germany where he started his music Career, sang a couple of collabo-pieces and launched into a solo with a ver very dark overlay – from his album cover so many things will make your eerily petrified – but that’s his signature  – the dark god of music APOPHIS is on a rise – watch this space.

He clearly explains the logic behind the dark aura of his music – there is nothing christlike left in the world – we are living the devils passion and that’s what he is singing about see his statement below;

Vu l’état du monde actuel les guerres les injustices sociales et les journalistes pyromanes les politiciens mythomane les prêtres et imam vendu…Avec le recul et beaucoup d’observation J’ai constate que tout ceci n’avait rien avoir avec la passion du Christ Ni l’amour du prochain
Tout autour de moi
– méchanceté
– jalousie envers sont prochain
– calomnie
– médisance
– racisme
– Pauvreté
– Invention des virus Tel que le sida
– La bombe atomique..
Que voulez que je chante la passion Christ????: Non
Nous vivons la passion du diable


la rencontre de Nefertiti une artiste talentueuse avec qui il decide de faire un projet artistique dont le resultat est la sortie du single wayo wayo, et yayato.

Entre vents et marees il reste accroché et decide faire un album solo que vous aurez Le privilege d´avoir dans les bacs un album riche qui nous ressemble, et qui va egalement nous rassembler. rempli de controverse comme il le dit toujours un jour viendra ou les minorites seront majoritairement visible.






Khloe is the most opinionated interesting and outspoken of all the Kardashians put together even the men – lol.


Recently she made the news for suggesting that swabbing/ rubbing and massaging vitamin E Oil all over your vagina was a must if you want to remain youthful and juicy. She could be on to something here –  I can clearly outline the benefits of vitamin E Oil which are

    • Anti-aging: Vitamin E oil has an amazing anti-aging effect on skin
    • Dryness: Vitamin E prevents water loss from the skin, and helps it to retain its natural moisture. …
    • Sunburns: Vitamin E oil is popularly used to treat minor sunburns. …
    • Scars: reduces the appearance of Scars
    • Stretch Marks to disappear nd fade easily
    • Any Other Skin Issues:
    • Nails/Cuticle Problems: resolver


While some doctors thought that Khloe’s recommendation was a No Go technique, her new vagina obsession has a doctor’s seal of approval.

I am keen to hear more from that Doctor because I am very Vagina obsessed – shut up – not that way – I mean I am concerned and seek knowledge of anything ‘Vagina related’ which makes me feel her suggested technique will affect the natural PH Balance of the vagina causing it to be easily susceptible to infections like Bacterial Vaginosis and Thrush (sugar-sugar)!!

Khloe has some really crude sense of humour but she is not joking on this one – so ladies anyone up for a vitamin E oil trial – send us pictures so we can see the before and after – in the meantime, just keep doing your KEGELS until the last bell rings!

Instead, do these to your Vagina – suggested by SHAPE 

Avoid the Yo-Yo
If you gain and lose, you can expect your vulva to flop. “The more swings in the size of an area, the more stretching,” says Pelosi. Equally important is maintaining a healthy weight. If you’re super skinny, your private parts can start to look as gaunt as your face as soon as aging sets in. “We see women who are 35 years old, but look much older because they have no fat in their face,” says Boyle. “Similarly, the labia majora can take on a saggy appearance—and once you lose that fat, you’re not going to gain it back.”

Kick up Your Kegels
You’ve probably read about the merits of Kegels a million times: tighter vagina! Better sex!—but there’s a good chance you’re still doing them wrong. “Women don’t do enough of them, and they don’t hold them for long enough,” says Pelosi. The routine he suggests: Contract your pelvic floor muscle five seconds, relax, and repeat 100 times, three times a day. Sound daunting? You can make Kegels fun by squeezing a few reps in during sex. You can imagine pinching your partner’s penis with those muscles, which helps you target the right spot (and gives your guy an extra, pleasurable sensation), Boyle says.

Ditch Your Office Chair
For a little extra workout—for your vaginal muscles, that is—trade your desk chair for a Swiss ball for 15 minutes a day. This forces the muscles of your pelvic floor to contract, without doing a single squeeze, says Pelosi. “It feels like nothing is happening, but it’s a very efficient way to keep the pelvic floor toned,” he says.

Stay Sexually Active
The whole “use or lose it” idea applies to your vag, ladies. “If you’re not getting stimulation and increased blood flow to that area, the tissue and muscle can change,” says Boyle. Blood flow is critical for lubrication (and orgasm)—which you naturally start to lose as you age. Plus, if you and your guy aren’t worried about pregnancy, his semen may have an anti-aging effect, thanks to the hormones, fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory compounds, say Spanish scientists.

Re-Think Long Bike Rides
Training for a triathlon? Know this: The constant friction of crotch-to-seat contact can pull and stretch your labia, especially if you have naturally pronounced outer lips, says Christine Hamori, M.D., director of Cosmetic Surgery + Skin Spa in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Stick to Mild Cleansers
Scrubbing the living daylights out of your labia is not only unnecessary—a gentle cleansing will do, really!—but harsh soaps can leave you dry and irritated below the belt. “The labial tissue is so sensitive,” says Boyle. “You see women with very dry facial skin because they overuse products that suck water out of the cells. That can happen down there too.”

Switch Things up in the Sack
Take the reins and climb on top: “Being on bottom can sometimes cause stretching,” says Boyle. Why? Because your partner—not you—is usually controlling the pace and intensity of the thrusting, which means he may accidentally push past what’s physically comfortable for you. By contrast, when you’re on top, you’re in control—and “it’s much easier to contract those muscles when you’re on top,” says Boyle.


WAHALA DE – women please come and find a way of killing this idea before it becomes the norm for straight men. There is no lady who will want to stand in the mirror of her bathroom competing for space, lipgloss, eyeliner and foundation with her man – seriously someone call the police – this cannot be happening!!!

Men please just be men – leave these things to women and yall stick to eeerrmmm – whatever men do best!

men-in-makeup-and-gele-bellanaijaScreen-Shot-2016-08-18-at-20.44.3082016_ men-in-makeup-and-gele-bellanaijaScreen-Shot-2016-08-18-at-22.41.1782016_







Perchance Heart Thieves


Perchance heart thieves
Scoundrels of peace of nature
Opulence of the sea of pain
Harbingers of turbulence in the soul.
Perchance you can try not to be so overbearing nor make yourself at home!
You can try not to be present and in the moment
You can try to give the heart space not to deal with you at every heartbeat.

You scoundrels of the heart…
What are your excuses? What are the reasons you give you scoundrels?
For walking in, in broad daylight
Ripping open the chest
Breast open, watching the blood, pain and tears drop
And still have the courage to stretch out your arm, rip the heart out of the chest and walk away.

Solemn nights pass and days linger …
Suddenly you take permanent residence in the place where the heart used to be

Now hole or heart
Every beat echoes your name
How unfair are you – oh how helpless and irreversible

You hold the heart in your grasp while the body becomes useless
Like a sound that lives in the vacancy of a home…
In your scoundrel’s eye, you  prance about with a satisfactory grin on your face…
Like Achilles the gladiator, you have suddenly conquered another heart owner.
You can at your heart’s desire, either step on the heart and turn it to purée or nurse it so kindly that it will become fond of it’s captive – Stockholm syndrome.

When that syndrome sets in you become God to the heart owner…
In your eyes, they behold the future – in your palms their fate lies.
You suddenly become over and above master.
Your wishes  become commands.

For the heartless heart scoundrels, the heart meets its end
Bashed and battered squashed off the bat…
The redness the healthy glow of  life disappears.
Such scoundrels suck out every iota of life in the heart…
They have no pity… Yet on your epitaph, they’ll eulogise

Here lies a heart I once conquered
Shy and innocent – hopelessly in love 
But I must go on –  my duty is a heart conqueror
Her crime is FALLING in LOVE.






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The Next Generation Awards acronymized and popularly known as the N.E.G.A 2016 awards held at the Filmore Theatre in Maryland 6th August 2016 has gone down in history as one of the most fashionable glamorous evenings set up to honour the African movie and entertainment industry personnel’s.

The eye-catching superfluous exuberant evening was a successful event by every standard. The brainchild and vice president behind the  event N.E.G.A 2016, Cameroon-born Ms, Bernadette Keyi  dedicated the better part of the beginning of the year planning and getting the event into the medi-o-sphere. Kudos to her persistence and hard work accompanied by a great team to pull off such remarkably successful evening, the night has been regurgitated by all – in the most positive light and standing

The event which took place in Maryland-USA on Saturday 6th August 2016 was hosted by a Ghanian actor and heartthrob,Van Vicker and co-host by the enchanting Merlisa Determined, amongst the guests at the event, were personalities across the African movie and music industry, and other works of life graced the red carpet and made the evening INDELIBLE, The  N.E.G.A Awards is here to stay!!!!

Until the Next Next Generation Awards – here are pictures and snippets of the evening to keep you enthralled.





‘Late’ is a word that is used on everything wedding related when a woman hits 30 and still single hence I used ‘Early’ in the title – truth is all sorts of myths abound but I have taken a few of them and demystified them in the most colloquial way possible – don’t fret about ultimatums and societal pressures – laugh it off with my take below

Women need to get married to be truly happy.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubbles –  is that why dogs are so happy and wagging their tails all the time? so dogs are married? or someone just outrightly forgot the actual definition of Happy! Purlizz ! Happiness is defined as = Go fxxc yourself for even trying to give everyone a stoical definition

If you don’t get married before 30, it will be too late

Too late for who exactly – the only late thing that actually matters is where you will be when Jesus comes oh. No one should dictate your life by time or place unless they have their ID to prove that they are God – but God is not man, so take several seats dictators !

Women are better off financially if they settle down early.

I have never understood the correlation between settling down and an increase in your account – is settling down at some point meaning that you break even with life and money appears in your account? Una stop tiff

Successful women can’t also have successful marriages.

MYTHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Look at Mrs OBAMA thanks !

Being married is more stable than just living together.

If living together is not working how will getting married resolve that? stop making people dig their graves please because if they jump in they’ll have to come back out and drag the sand in not us, I’m not ready for any funerals without weddings!

If you’ve slept with a lot of people, nobody will want to marry you.

hahahahhahahahhahahahhah _ ya’ll stop playing its called internship -you practice to be good at a job so if sleeping with people is something you are into –  go on but kindly use your intelligence  cos ”when a beautiful woman is not intelligent her private parts suffer” likewise if your thing is celibacy let it be your decision and stick to it

If you want kids, better be married first.

well if the skeletons waiting to get married will have breath back in them then I’ll say this can even pass for a white lie – fertility issues increase with age – not in every woman but if you find you may be vulnerable like that please seek medical opinion, freeze your eggs if you want to have kids later – kids they are your legacy – not the man! (My opinion, have them when you wake up in the morning and want them – that urge is almost always the motherhood in you calling – and guess what you will be amazinggggggg!!!!)

You’ll know you’ve met the “one” when you want to marry them.


The best way to celebrate marriage is a fancy wedding.

Never look at the size of a wedding as a measure of success – that’s a big lie and charade. After that day unfortunately, the music stops the dancing and partying stops reality kicks in and shit hits the fan – you and your partner are the wedding, not the crowd – most wedding that go for crowd pleaser factors are time bombs

ALL OPINIONS BY Dorothy Diamond 
(though married, i think the pressures from society to 
friends and sisters is uncalled for blimmey!)